I have been hooked on travel and nature ever since I was a young child and grew up on a staple diet of David Attenborough programmes. I would spend my time day dreaming about seeing polar bears in the Arctic or standing on the shoulders of giant mountains. 20 years on, not much has changed. I call Glasgow my home and I’m very fond of it, but I’m at my happiest out in the wilds, camping and walking the hills or taking in the sights and sounds of a new rustic town. Watching the light change is a favourite pastime and photographing it has become something of an obsession.

My journey into photography began in late 2006 when I got the opportunity to go and explore some of the far flung destinations I had been craving. I bought a semi-pro digital SLR and went travelling for 2 years, teaching myself photography along the way. It was a life changing trip and when I returned to Scotland I was well and truly bitten by the travel bug.

As my confidence has grown, so have my photographs. Throughout all of the countries I have visited, I have tried to capture the essence and vibe of the people, places, landscapes and details that have caught my eye. My aim has always been to evoke a feeling within my photography, to tell a story and show the wanderlust that has captured me.

 Shooting the sunrise down Glen Affric in Scotland.

Shooting the sunrise down Glen Affric in Scotland.

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