Lesley Gray Photography
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Print Information



Each of my prints are printed on a per order basis. You are in no way purchasing a print that has been mass produced. I currently offer open edition prints and I am in the process of arranging limited editions.

Various different sizes are available for each photograph. Not every photograph will print up to a massive size of 40 or 60 inches wide due to the camera that it was photographed on and any post processing elements such as cropping. I will only allow my photographs to be printed as large as I feel they will go without a loss of quality. Some of my black and white photographs have a grainy quality, this is intentional on my part and not a poor quality photograph.


Open edition means that there is no limit set on the number of times that a photograph is printed on a particular medium. My open edition prints have always been printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper using a C-Type, light sensitive process.

1. What is a C-Type?

A C-Type print is a digital laser print produced using traditional photographic processes. A red, green and blue light expose the image onto light sensitive photographic paper containing silver crystals. The image is then developed and fixed in a wet process to produce a true photographic print. Digital C-Type prints replicate the traditional chromogenic process used with film.

2. What sort of quality do C-Types have?

C-Types are fantastic quality, archival photographic prints which can last for over 40 years in good environmental conditions.

My new open edition prints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy paper and have a quarter inch white border around them which is included in the overall print size. Print sizes on my website are stated in inches and are approximate as sizes vary from photograph to photograph.


Limited edition means that there is a limited number of prints on a particular medium. For example, a limited edition print run of 50 would mean that there were 50 prints produced of a particular photograph on a specified medium. Once all 50 prints have been produced, no more will be made. Limited editions are usually signed, titled and numbered, making them highly collectable.

It is my intention to start offering signed limited edition Giclée prints in the near future. None of my prints to date have ever been printed using a Giclée process, nor have any ever been signed.

1. What is a Giclée print?

Giclée prints are Fine Art prints produced using an ultrafine dry inkjet process. Giclée is pronounced gee-clay and means ‘to spray’. Light fast and UV resistant pigment based inks are sprayed onto Fine Art archival paper to make a highly detailed, vibrant reproduction of the image. Giclée prints are ideal for limited editions as they can be produced exactly the same each time and have a beautiful Fine Art appearance.

2. What sort of quality will your Giclée prints have?

Giclée prints are light fast to an extremely high standard, using archival grade inks on archival grade paper. Studies have shown that Giclée prints are designed to last for over 100 years in good environmental conditions.